LTS support

We strongly urge you to use the online system. It is FULLY automated and can handle 95% of customer needs based on 25 years of consumer research and call center compliance.

Admin 4 Me

I tested myself and need to follow up. Either for me another party.

Nationwide Locations

I need to change locations or have questions about locations.


HR, Attorney, Officer, and management needs from compliance to access

for MOST issues


Free AI tools

DOT Consultant

Your personal DOT advisor directly from their resources.

DNA or Health testing information

As you enter your profile information, choose from 10,000 locations nationwide.

How will you benefit?

Manage your experience from A-Z without human errors

Client insights
Increased efficiency
Process automation

Lab Test Guide

Understanding Barcodes & Sites

Your Personal ID: The Barcode

Barcode: Your Sample's Secret ID

Brief Instructions: Your sample's barcode is like a secret agent's ID. It ensures your test is tracked accurately from start to finish. Check the barcode's placement on your specimen container when you receive it.

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